EyeRonec - Complete System

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Most if not ALL iridology cameras, iriscopes, sclerascopes, iridoscopes and iris cameras work on the principle of having a large camera with flash lights and the focusing is done by turning the lens while looking through the tiny view finder. After the shot has been taken the image needs to be downloaded onto a computer by removing the memory card and placing it into a card reader that is connected to the computer. By running a program the image will be shown on the computer screen and if there are too many streaks or reflections or if the image in sharp enough you will need to do it all over again.

NOT SO with the EyeRonec iridology camera as you will see the image on the Video Monitor EXACTLY as it will be recorded. This system is used by professional film makers as they would not like to shoot a scene all over after they review the recording.

No computer or software is required. The iridoscope already has a very powerful, build-in micro processor.

However a computer CAN be used if you like. The USB cable is provided.

We provide a 1 year Guarantee on EyeRonec lens.

The EyeRonec camera has been proven for around 15 years and now is only $ 3250 we include a Video (not computer) monitor and photo printer (not ink jet) at no extra cost. Please have a look at some images taken with our clinic camera, you can do the same or better.

Our “Closed system” iridology iris and sclera camera has been sold world-wide for just over 15 years, there is 5 years guarantee on the EyeRonec lens system. Use the buttons below to purchase We dispatch within 24 hours.

SPECIAL!! The EyeRonec System is now only $2750 including postage.

Take advantage of this great
FINAL SALE (no refunds) offer now!

Normally $3250!

Only a few cameras left this is you final change to own a great clinic iridology system

Note on Postage times:
Some items are dispatched from either our USA office or AU office subject to availability. To avoid disappointment, please order your items at least 2 weeks in advance as postage times can vary. We thank you for your for your understanding.

Beware! Some suppliers do NOT reveal their (High) Camera Price and give you hard sell when you call.

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