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Iris Torch

Iris Torch 10x LED magnifier with 37mm OPTICAL GLASS lens (not plastic) $39.95 plus postage. Daylight LED should last for 13 years without replacement, Powered by 3 AAA batteries (not included)

For more information about the 10x Torch CLICK HERE

NEW 20x Magnifier: We now offer a 20x iridology torch, perfect for viewing individual fibres or the IPB. For more info or to purchase CLICK HERE

Beware! Some Iris torch suppliers do not reveal the magnification power and sell you a 5x torch for a 10x price.

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ColourRonec - Colour Therapy Bulb and remote

Colour therapy Device "ColourRonec" has 16 colours to select from. The remote control can select each colour and intensity, slow and fast fade, slow and fast pulse. The CTD is suitable for Europe, Australia and the USA. It fits any standard ES (E27) light fitting and mains power. We have provided an extensive manual with information about colour and treatment protocols.

Just $ 120 for the CTD and the book (plus postage)

Please note that the ColourRonec system only includes the Remote Control and CTD "Bulb". It does not include a desk-lamp as shown in the image above, shown for illustrative purpose only. You can purchase a desk lamp at Big W, Target or Walmart for around $10.

NOTE: We also supply flexible extension arms and conversion plugs for the ColourRonec "Bulb" CLICK HERE for more information

Iris Torch

The best 5 x Iridology torch in the world

Iridology magnifiers have different names in different countries. In Australia they are traditionally called iris torch, in the USA they call the magnifier a lens. At EyeRonec we have used a mixture of names for our illuminated magnifiers. Traditionally 10X magnifiers were being used by the iridology pioneers. On request we have put 2OX magnifiers in our range to enable iridologist practitioners and doctors to inspect the IPB (assimilation ring), individual fibers and other small markings.

There are a few iridology teachers that advocate 5X torches to be used. As a general rule the lens size gets smaller when the magnification goes up, so the 20X illuminated magnifier needs to be close to the eye and the practitioner needs to be close to the magnifier to see clearly. Our 10X magnifying lens has a clear view without having to be close and in the face of the patient/client and shows the full iris in the eye glass.

We use optical glass lenses for our magnifiers and the EyeRonec 10X iridology magnifiers that are used all over the world by colleges, students, doctors, iridologists and natural practitioners.

As some prefer a 5X lens that shows the WHOLE eye, not just the IRIS we have got together with our factory and have 5X magnifiers made based on our successful 10X model. The result is what we like to call the BEST 5X IRIDOLOGY MAGNIFIER IN THE WORD. Fantastic clarity and great viewing range!...

The cost is just $29.95 and our unbeatable guarantee applies: Lifetime guarantee!!! This is the best 5X iridology torch you will find anywhere.

Pebble 9 USB Iridology Camera

Pebble-9 our TRUE 9 MP sensor iridology camera

The Pebble iridology cameras are our latest portable USB Iridology Cameras. We named them “Pebble” to distinguish them from the old iridology cameras that feel close to a house brick’s weight. Some people still sell these cameras. We have added 2 DAYLIGHT side lighting LED's which will assist in capturing images of true brown irises. Most images will be OK with the 8 Daylight LEDs that will show 8 dots in the pupil area so not covering any part of the iris. The cameras plugs into the USB slot of a computer or Laptop and will run on both Windows and Mac computers. The Pebble cameras are the perfect camera for iridology students and experienced practitioners alike. Our camera designers have now been able to put a TRUE 9 MP sensor chip into the Pebble-9. As you may have read computers can only handle around 5 MP on a live computer screen but by using a smart trick we now can make 9 MP still pictures and have a smaller live image on the screen for easy composing and focusing.

The EyeRonec EyeSpy Pebble-9 is a TRUE 9 MP iridology camera, it sells for just $895 AUD and is supplied with a nice dark chrome display stand. and for a limited time we include a free download of "EyeRis", our iridology report writing software, with iris chart overlay in black, white and invisible. The Pebble cameras are supplied with a free soft material bag to protect your investment. Before you waste your money on cheap Chinese stuff, often with weird instructions, software with viruses, suspect specifications, no backup and disappointing results, look at our products, made right here with proper ENGLISH instructions, good support and LIFETIME guarantee on all our cameras.

The Acutronec is being used as a reflexology tool to stimulate reflex points on the foot, hand and other parts of the body.

It comes with 2 different heads:

  • The General Head; Used for stimulation and traditionally used by practitioners for painful muscles, frozen shoulder etc.
  • The Ball Point Head is used to stimulate acupuncture and meridian points.

Acutronec type devices sell elsewhere for over $89 our price: just $59. Order yours with the button below.

Iridology and Reflexology Charts

Preview Iridology Chart by Clicking Here

Preview Reflexology Chart by Clicking Here

See our range of Universal® Iridology Charts:

  • Universal® Iridology Desk Chart (300x420mm) - $19
  • Spanish Universal® Iridology Desk Chart (300x420mm) - $22
  • Reflexology Desk Chart (300x420mm) - $19
  • Jensen 1981 (200x350mm) - $19
    with nutritional information on reverse
  • Universal® Iridology System Flash Cards (4x6 Flash Cards) - $19
    Contains 13 Universal® Iridology Flash Cards with supplement recommendations (1 for each system and an overall chart) and a CD ROM for your computer

Please note that price does not include postage

Please select correct chart

For international shipping charges please email us

EyeRis - Iridology Report Writing Software

EyeRis Iridology Reporting Software is the software you have been waiting for.

EyeRis will automatically generate a report booklet using the text in the database that is attached to the organs or zones that you have selected by clicking on the problem areas in the iris.

Use the iris chart overlay to click on the areas that need attention.

The text with advice that has been prepared for that organ or zone will then be added and printed in the report.

EyeRis is easy to use and can be used at health shows and mini iridology assessments!

Start making professional-looking reports for only $148.

SPECIAL- We now have the EyeRis Software available for Download for only $98.

Please press the BACK button after you are done with Paypal to arrive at the download page. If you forget please email us and we send you a fresh link.

Required Operating System: Windows XP, Vista 32, Windows 7, Windows 8.

*If you are using a MAC computer Click here*

Miki Jones Iridology Course

Universal® Iridology course for beginners and advanced by well-known American iridologist Marion "Miki" Jones N.D, D. Ir.

Includes 8 DVDs, CDrom and manual.

A certificate is issued upon completion of assignment

Only $225.


The Iridology Course Package offers excellent value!

The package comes includes the EyeRonec Pebble 9 Iridology Camera as well as the Universal Iridology Course created by well-known American iridologist Marion "Miki" Jones N.D, D. Ir. Whether you're looking to learn and practice Iridology for the first time, or you want to upgrade your equipment and skills this is the package for you.

The total cost of this package is $999. If bought separately the package's total value is $1120 so you save $121.

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